Broken Ties

(Book Two in the Family Ties Series)

Happiness has never knocked on Bailey’s door. When her fiancé betrays her just four days before their wedding, she vows to turn her luck around once and for all. With a vision of an improved future free of abusive, cheating boyfriends, she sets off on a journey of self-discovery with hope in her heart and a pocketful of her ex’s money. Totally unprepared for the tidal wave of emotions plaguing her along the way, she settles in Jackson Hole Wyoming where repeated encounters with a mysterious man make her shiver and not in a bad way. Maybe someday she’ll stop looking over her shoulder. Maybe someday she’ll find her happily ever after.

Content to be left alone after a devastating loss that irrevocably changed his life, Colton is perplexed by the explosion of attraction he experiences every time he crosses paths with the gorgeous and intriguing new girl in town. Her allure and naivete arouse his curiosity but he remains steadfast in his conviction that women are only interested in him for his money. But . . . if he could find the perfect life partner, he just might take a chance even if it means risking everything.

Can two lonely souls, betrayed by the people they loved and trusted the most, learn to love again? Find out in Broken Ties, the sequel to award-winning The Ties That Bind, the second installment of the Family Ties series heralding the power of the human spirit and love’s ability to heal all wounds.

The Ties That Bind cover

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