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On Common Ground
A contemporary western romance and a Great Beginnings Finalist

   His marriage over and his career in jeopardy, Trevor Donaldson seeks sanctuary at the Diamond D Ranch in Arizona. After gunning down the man who shot his partner, the accusations hanging over his head, the hounding media, and his own inner turmoil keep him awake at night.
   Ketra Weston sought sanctuary at the Diamond D to escape the ugly backlash she suffered after a violent assault following a Good Samaritan act gone wrong. Time at the ranch promises to provide the peace and anonymity she needs to help her heal.
   Trevor and Ketra are careful to keep their distance from one another. Trevor's contempt for women, after his failed marriage, and Ketra's skittishness after here brutal attack, leave them both wary of the opposite sex. But, everything changes when Trevor discovers their lives are intertwined and that her past just might hold the key to his exoneration.

COMING SOON:  On Hallowed Ground, Book 2 in the Grounded Series." "What if you’re a cop but suspect the woman you’ve fallen in love with is the killer you’re hunting? When a search for buried treasure turns deadly, BIA Tribal Liaison, Noah Pacheco, must decide if the native beauty who captured his heart is a killer or an innocent pawn in someone else’s deadly game. Medicine wheels, buried treasure, peyote, 2 dead bodies, and the woman of Noah’s dreams make for an exciting journey across the Arizona desert to capture a killer with a twisted agenda."

Previously published by
Mockingbird Lane Press.
Out of print.



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